The KitchenAid Name Means Reliability, History and Quality

Since its inception in 1919, the KitchenAid company has produced high-quality appliances for the home kitchen. Today, a century later, the brand still makes the highest-quality premium kitchen appliances. The first product that KitchenAid made for home use was the classic stand mixer. It was one in a long line of superior, high-performance kitchen appliances, and its classic design is still indicative of the KitchenAid brand today. People have respected the KitchenAid brand and its reliability and heritage for decades.


KitchenAid's Performance and Dependability Are the Core of the Brand

The KitchenAid brand has expanded into other appliances, continuing to produce its signature mixers, plus kitchenware and many other types of quality small appliances. Each machine is truly the “best kitchen aid”, especially the iconic stand mixer with its attachments and additional capabilities. The stand mixer can stir, beat, cut, cream, slice, chop--plus it performs many other tasks that would otherwise take a variety of small appliances to accomplish. With its array of attachments, it also kneads, blends, whips--and even more

From the creation of that single product, a quality line of high-performance appliances was launched. The same meticulous attention to detail, superior craftsmanship and versatile technology go into every product KitchenAid makes. Just like the timeless design that was first given shape in the stand mixer, each product melds reliability, unique design and the very best quality. The stand mixer today combines a retro American design with state-of-the-art appliance technology to make a truly outstanding product.

Among the other quality appliances that KitchenAid makes are:

  • Kitchenware, including small counter-top ovens that perform a variety of duties
  • Blenders and food processors with functions from juicing to chopping to pureeing, plus additional professional features
  • Coffee products--coffee makers in several sizes, plus espresso machines
  • Toasters from 4 to 8 slice capacities with a variety of high-tech features
  • Electric kettles that quickly and easily heat water using electricity
  • Hand blenders that allow the convenience of using a blender in virtually any container
  • Waffle bakers that use ceramic plates to easily make waffles in space-saving sizes
  • Slow cookers offering features like dishwasher-safe vessels and several programmable features

Each of KitchenAid's products provides durability, reliability and design that you won’t find in any other line of home kitchen appliances. Space-spacing models with multi-function capabilities offer the best in these products. Quality, history and reliability make KitchenAid a name you can trust when purchasing a kitchen appliance.